The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds has approved the project “Starting the energy transition on the Zadar islands”

The project is led by the Samotvorac Association from Silba island along with the Tarabuži Iž Youth Association from Iž island and the Island Movement association.

The project is worth 6,039.90 EUR, while MRRFEU is co-funding 5,985.34 EUR.

The Samotvorac Association is the carrier of the project, while the Island Movement and Tarabuži Iž Youth Association are partners in the project. The project manager is Samotvorac Associaton’s Paula Bolfan, who’s also working as a coordinator in the Island Movement Association.

The first step of the project is to create and distribute polls and interviews with owners of real estates on these islands. The results will be a starting point for awareness and various activities for the population of Silba and Iž islands.

Awareness campaigns and education of the island community in the second quarter of the project’s and their online distribution has the goal of including as many participants of the energy transition. 

The final outcome of the project will be based on the number of participants ready for the project implementation. For them, a workshop on technical support (project preparation) will be organized. In the fourth quarter, a workshop about creating and preparing a project brochure will take place.

All information about the project will be available on the websites of these associations.

Source: otoci.eu