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ISLANDS SILBA AND IŽ – “Solar power plants – How, why and how much do they pay off?” lectures for inhabitants

As part of the project “Starting the energy transition on the Zadar islands” on May 27 and 28 in Iž and Silba were held trainings entitled “Solar power plants on the roofs of houses – how, why and how much it pays off?” The training was held by Maja Jurišić, President of the Island Movement […]


‘’Islands – leaders of the clean energy transition’’ project: Spring trainings on the island of Brač and webinar “Sources of funding for renewable energy projects on the islands”

Public lectures and meetings with representatives of local governments on Brač island The project ‘’Islands – leaders of the clean energy transition” includes six Brač municipalities: Bol, Selca and Pučišća, Postira, Nerežišća and the City of Supetar. The Island Movement team held six meetings with representatives of local governments and six public lectures for inhabitants […]


The project “Leading Islands of Clean Energy” will be implemented during 2022 on Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Vis islands

In November 2021, the Island Movement applied for a public call of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds with a project called “Leading Islands of Clean Energy” The total value of the project was estimated at 16,276.50 EUR, and the requested co-financing in the maximum amount of support of 6,648.48 EUR was approved […]


Silba and Iž to be part of the project “Starting the energy transition on the Zadar islands”

The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds has approved the project “Starting the energy transition on the Zadar islands” The project is led by the Samotvorac Association from Silba island along with the Tarabuži Iž Youth Association from Iž island and the Island Movement association. The project is worth 6,039.90 EUR, while MRRFEU is […]


The “Mapping of the Energetic Potential of Island Korčula” project is completed

In April 2021, the US Embassy in Croatia approved funding for the Island Movement‘s project “Exploiting the Energy Potentials of Croatian Islands” with the purpose of research into the energy potentials of island Korčula. Funds were obtained from the US Embassy’s call for small loans called “Energizing the Balkans”. The Island Movement focused on Korčula. […]


What does the new Electricity Market Act bring? You will be able to choose an EU supplier

On Friday morning, the day when the Croatian Parliament voted on the Electricity Market Act, Ivo Milatić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, presented the novelties introduced by this important law on green transition at the “Sunny Days” conference in Hvar.


Message from Hvar: ‘Largest share of new jobs in Europe will be created in the solar energy sector’

The ‘Sunny Days’ conference, the first conference dedicated to the use of solar energy organised by the Renewable Energy Sources Association of Croatia and the Island Movement, opened on Thursday evening at Hvar’s Arsenal. During the two-day program, representatives of ministries, institutions, academia, equipment manufacturers, the banking sector, investors, counties and local communities will discuss solar energy projects identified as key to making better use of this rich natural potential.


The Island Movement is a co-founder of the Energy cooperative “Apsyrtides” on the island of Cres

The new energy cooperative “Apsyrtides” was established in Cres in the Palace of Moise on April 30th, 2021. It was a successful day for Cres and Lošinj islanders and island stakeholders who have been working together towards a clean energy transition. Led by the initiative of the island development agency OTRA and its head Ugo […]



The first forum of Phase II of the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat – an initiative of the European Commission – will present practical steps towards the decarbonisation of EU islands and showcase ongoing and completed clean energy projects on islands. The 2-day event will be a knowledge hub on the clean energy transition. […]