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The Island Movement is a Croatian association that represents inhabitants and admirers of the Croatian islands who use their knowledge, experience, and passion to support, help, and promote sustainable development of  Croatian islands.

The Island Movement network is focused towards creating self-sufficient island communities which understand and articulate their needs, are informed about opportunities and possibilities, and actively participate in their community and decision-making processes.

Employees, volunteers, and experts of the Island Movement association use the Island Movement platform to contribute to the sustainable development of islands by organizing educational programs and providing logistical and professional support to islanders and island institutions. 

By facilitating networking and creating programs of support the Island Movement association aims to create high-quality cooperation among island communities and then connects them with best practices and other island communities on the European level.

‘’The virtual and physical platform is formed as a place for people who are eager for positive social changes.’’

Through the platform and by cooperation with other associations and individuals the Island Movement association provides opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, build self-confidence and find like-minded people and partners to support developing and implementing project ideas in the local community. The island movement network offers real possibilities and tools for sustainable development and transition towards a more responsible society.

 The expert members of the Island Movement association act in the field of sustainable development and financing, strategic planning, rural development, and sustainable energy transition. Thanks to their expertise the association successfully operates on most of the Croatian inhabited islands. 

From its inception until today, the association has achieved exceptional results in the field of environmental protection, education, and connecting the community with local governments and decision-makers. The focus of further development is to continue with education and encourage the island communities to actively engage in processes that directly affect their rights and lives.

The Island Movement association is the official regional partner of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat and is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the leading organizations for island development in Croatia.

Download our booklet and find out how we came to be and learn about our values.


The Island Movement Team consists of a group of professionals who are committed to the development of active island communities. We are all in some way connected to at least one of the Croatian islands, and we understand the context, challenges, opportunities, and mentality of the islanders. A group of enthusiasts currently consisting of two employees and numerous volunteers and professional associates makes us a professional and cohesive team open to innovative models of management and action based on commonality, honesty, empathy, and trust.


The Assembly is the highest body of the Island Movement consisting of the President and the Expert Team of Advisors. With their exclusively volunteer work and engagement they contribute to the achievement of the Island Movement goals. The Assembly is held twice a year when its members meet and jointly make all strategic decisions related to the planning and development of the organization, as well as the manner of actions and implementation of activities. Assembly membership can be obtained by anyone who continuously contributes to one of the working groups, such as administration, communications, general affairs, project development, and others. The continuity implies a recorded and proven volunteer engagement lasting a minimum of three months. At the personal request or following a proposal by the members of the Assembly, a volunteer can become its member. and actively use all the resources and potentials of the Island Movement, and at the same time participate in its development and achieving the planned goals.

Maja Jurišić

President and Project manager

Maja Jurišić, with her current address on the island of Hvar, is the president of the Island Movement and the bearer of the island community self-sustainability idea. She has more than 15 years of working experience in the private, public, and civil sectors, with an emphasis on investment and project management. She educated a large number of individuals on the development of small businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as on the preparation and implementation of development projects at adult education institutions. Through her activities, she influences the development of local island communities and strengthens organizations by networking with like-minded people in the field of project management, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship.


Ivan Matić

Adviser for the development of EU strategy and strategic partnerships

Ivan Matić, a native of Dubrovnik with a long-term Zagreb address, is a political scientist with a master’s degree from the Nationalism Studies Department at the Central European University in Budapest. He is a new member of the Island Movement, joining the Expert Team as a strategic advisor in the field of monitoring EU policies and guidelines for island development. He contributes to the creation and development of EU partnerships, strategic positioning of associations in the EU, strategic development consulting, applications for tenders, and to the development of comercial services. Currently a project manager in the Office of MEP Tonino Picula, Ivan previously worked in international and local NGOs for human rights protection and sustainable development, as well as in the private sector in the fields of sustainable tourism. He is a member of the Assembly of the European People’s Forum, and one of the founders and a member of the association for the promotion and preservation of Croatian maritime heritage Maritima Educare based in Selce on the island of Brač.

Andreja Baraba

Advisor for the strategic development of the national island policy, and general manager

Andreja Baraba has a double role as the Expert Advisor for strategic development, and as the General Manager in support of the administrator. In addition to having over 20 years of experience in the public sector, first in education and then in island development and environmental protection, she is continuously professional developing in the areas of budget planning and fiscal responsibility, public procurement, management, and organization, project preparation for the EU financing, strategic planning, and the organization and operation of public administration. She initiated and implemented several projects in the field of education, environmental protection, and island development in active cooperation with local island communities. She has been a member of the Island Movement since 2017 and had, on behalf of the Movement, participated in the working group for the drafting of the Islands Act.

Maja Pokrovac

Adviser for the strategic development of the energy sector

Maja Pokrovac, director of the Renewable Energy Sources of Croatia Association and president of the Croatian Lobbying Association, joins the Island Movement as a volunteer expert in the field of energy. With her exceptional and long-term experience (apart from being an advisor to the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Croatia, director of the Croatian Employers’ Association, coordinator and head of several departments of the International Committee of the Red Cross, she worked and was part of numerous other projects and organizations), she assists the Movement in the dissemination of relevant information and the preparation of content for the financing of legal islanders, island economies, and local governments. She also participates in strategic planning of commercial services, consulting on market segmentation and development, as well as creating a client and community base, and developing educational events and materials.

Edo Jerkić

Advisor for the development of energy project

Edo Jerkić is a consultant for renewable energy sources and the owner of Vivo Somnia Ltd., a company specializing in the development and implementation of projects in the field of the energy transition. In the Island Movement, he has the role of the Expert Advisor in the field of energy. He contributes to the work of the Movement through his volunteer engagement by disseminating relevant information, strategic consulting, and planning activities in the field of energy transition and island community building.

Ivan Zoković Cola

Advisor for community development, and project development associate

Ivan Zoković Cola, originally from the island of Korčula, is an expert in developing projects in local communities. He is an active member of the Island Movement and a member of the Zelena energetska zadruga (Eng. Green Energy Cooperative). He is also the creator of the project Križevci Solar Roofs – the first solar power plant financed by citizens through crowdfunding. He is also head of the Center for Simple Technologies in the ZMAG Association which deals with sustainable living and the development of permaculture. He had the opportunity to share his experiences in Central Asia, in Tajikistan, where he worked in cooperation with UNDP as a technical expert on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Ivan now uses all of his knowledge and skills in the role of our community development expert and as the associate for project development in the Island Movement.

Maja Dragojević Bačić

Strategic Advisor in the field of financing and sustainability

Maja Dragojević Bačić is the head of the business center Synergia consulting where she leads business development and the segment of financial consulting and accounting department. She has many years of experience in advising top management of various economic areas, in managing the financial processes of companies and non-profit organizations, as well as in the implementation of EU funded projects. In addition to being the Volunteer Initiator, an active volunteer, and the Movement member since its inception, she now has the role of the Expert Advisor in the field of finance and accounting. She thus contributes to the dissemination of relevant information, strategic planning, and development in the field of finance. She also takes part in the regular activities of the strategic team.


Mirna Dalić

Communications Associate

Mirna Dalić is a member of the Island Movement team at the position of Communications and Public Relations Associate. Her work and participation in the activities of the Movement contribute to strengthening the public perception and visibility of our organization. Mirna is in charge of coordinating volunteers-communicators, as well as communicating with members and followers of the Movement. She is active in managing social networks and the website and is in charge of creating graphic solutions to help us get closer to all those who want to follow our work and to more credibly convey our vision and mission to the general population.

Paula Bolfan


Paula Bolfan is a student of Culture and Tourism Studies in Zadar at the Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences, University of Zadar. Although a native of Zagreb, she is connected to the island of Silba where she lives and actively participates in community development. She was a member of the Local Community Board of Silba for two years and worked seasonally as an employee of the Tourist Board. For several years now, she has been leading the informal Silba Vibra Initiative. An initiative that deals with sustainable development as well as artistic and educational content intended for the youngest members of the community and numerous visitors to the island. She joined the Island Movement in 2017 when she actively participated in the activist events ”Čujete li naše otoke?” (Eng. Do you hear our islands?) which occurred during the enactment of the harmful Maritime Property Act.

Valentina Štambuk


Valentina Štambuk, a newly graduated sociologist, originally from Selce on the island of Brač with an address in Split, is also one of the members of the Island Movement joining us as the coordinator. With previous experience in tourism, communications, and public relations in one NGO, in the Island Movement she takes on various responsibilities: in addition to coordinating activities and work of the association in all areas, she maintains a database of volunteers and members, takes care of and maintains our database and its administrative elements, as well as monitors and records the activities of other employees, members, and volunteers. When needed, given her skills and qualifications, she participates in the development of communication materials and strategies. Through her work in the Movement, she develops all of her existing, as well as those yet undiscovered, skills.


Dijana Šabić, Brač

Associate in the field of communications and public relations

Dijana, a sociologist, anthropologist, and ethnologist by profession, works as a consultant at the Aktiva Brač Entrepreneurial Center. She is also a project manager at the Best of Brač Agency. With extensive experience in various sectors, she joins the Island Movement as a Volunteer Initiator in our team in the communications and public relations department. During her career, Dijana has worked (and still does) in the areas of project development and implementation, social marketing, graphic design, and event organization. She was head of the volunteer center on Brač and has developed several business plans as well as general and tourism strategies. Currently, in the Island Movement, she contributes to the management of social networks, dissemination of relevant news and writing articles for the portal, and is a support in the field of communications and public relations.

Iva Žanetić, Korčula

Associate in the field of communications and public relations

Iva Žanetić, from Korčula with a temporary address in Zagreb, is one of our Volunteer Initiators. She worked in a local development agency writing and implementing projects for the City of Korčula, local farmers, but also various associations – important drivers of our small local communities. With the desire to gain even more experience in project implementation she moved to Zagreb where she works as a project manager at the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA). She has been a part of the Movement since 2015 and has been contributing to the promotion and branding of the organization. Iva continues to volunteer in the Movement as a communications associate, disseminates relevant information and island news, and participates in regular meetings of the communications working group.

Andrijano Nigoević, Brač

Associate in the field of communications and public relations

Andrijano is a native of Brač who has lived on the island all his life. Through his work and hobbies, he embodies a true islander. A professional stonemason, he is engaged in olive growing and processing it into olive oil. In his free time, he enjoys processing olive wood into various unique objects and products. In 2019 he was included with the other 90 masters on the List of holders of drywall construction skills. He is one of the long-standing and active members of the Dragodid Association that deals with the construction and renovation of drywalls. Andro is also a Volunteer Initiator who has been part of the Island Movement since its inception. He contributed to the development of the communications and public relations department by writing articles for the portal and finding relevant news, and especially to the development of the local community. He is still part of the Movement as a communications and public relations associate – volunteer.

Krešimir Katušić

Expert associate in the field of communications for the information tools development

Krešimir Katušić, a son-in-law of Šolta, has been working in information technologies for over 15 years mostly focusing on the website and certain internet systems development. He has owned an internet technology company for over 5 years and has done over 200 internet projects so far. His hobby is also his job, so in his spare time, he studies new technologies, especially programming languages. He helps develop communication tools in the Island Movement as a volunteer expert in the field of communications for information tools development.

Ivan Zaninović Grande, Hvar

Associate in the field of communications and public relations, and the field of community development

Ivan Zaninović Grande lives and works on Hvar and is one of the Movement’s first volunteers. He is the president of the Pjover Association and a valuable stakeholder in his local community to which he contributes through his work on the protection and revitalization of Velo Grablje on Hvar. In the Island Movement, he took on the role of the associate in the field of communications and public relations, and the associate for community development. He is responsible for the development of our visual identity and brand to strengthen its visibility.  He also assists the communications and public relations department, as well as other team members, in creating graphic solutions.

Previous records from the assembly, work reports and work programs are available at the link